After 2-3 cups of coffee , A theme struck our minds, and the time spent in  starbucks finally paid off. While this was in the making, we worked on other collaborations which have been posted already. So basically, when the caffeine kicks in , ideas automatically flows in.

We finally worked on the theme ‘ Runaway Bride’ and we couldn’t be any

happier, on how it turned out to be. I think marriage is one of the
most important things in everyone’s life. There is a sense of deep
connection and understanding between the people, the rituals, the
ceremonies, etc. We would at least have an idea of what it needs to be
like even if we are not completely sure with the groom, still all the
planning happens in all our heads! I’ve always been a girl who dreamt
of her sister’s wedding more than her own. The day finally came and
now my sister is happily married. Now it’s time to think about mine.
Though it might be sounding a little too early, not even sure on who’s
is going to be standing beside me on that big day, but I have an idea as
to which designer wear i would be wearing, how my makeup should be,
how the decor would be. At some point of time in my life, I wanted to
be a wedding planner. Every wedding that I would attend would give me
the urge to plan mine. It’s beautiful how the bride has that wedding
glow. The groom looks so happy and so does everyone around him. It’s
such a happy place, filled with positive energy.

If I sound a little weird, a girl living in future in a fantasy land,
let me tell you, most of the girls know how they want their wedding to
be. They might not really share it with anyone but deep down every
girl knows her shit, Regardless of their age!!

Hunt for the Prince Charming will never end till you find the one who
sinks in so perfectly to your thoughts.

PC- Vyoma Rajani

MUA- Akhila Dixit











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