I was going through my blog the other day. And things have changed so much.There are so many changes in me, my style, my choice. I feel so good to be where I am today. All the criticism, compliments has only made me stronger and a better person. I’m grateful to you all xx. It makes me so happy when people request me for my next post, when they ask me when’s my next post. It motivates me to do better. My amazing photographer friend give me such good pictures, she brings out the best of my angles. Thank you Vyoma. Thank you all for the support. I couldn’t have done this without my haters and lovers ofc <3 lots of love xoxo

Aslo I hit 4k followers on instagram, So blessed to have you all :’)

Recently I had been to the Lakmé Salon to take up the Tressplex Challenge which worked really well on my hair. I took up the Olaplex treatment and I can actually see the difference in my hair, my hair is so much more manageable than before. It’s been more than 8 washes and my hair still feels super healthy! Can’t wait to hit the Lakmé Salon for another session!Getting back to what I’m wearing, I must tell you how much I love this jacket, I had my eyes on this for long now. Finally I got an opportunity to make them mine <3 Here’s how I’ve styled my Fav jacket from Quirk Box. Let me know how you like it in the comments below 🙂 Hope you enjoyed my post, Until my next post stay quirky xx












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