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​I’ve ALWAYS wondered how we women are expected to look perfect from head to toe, If not perfect atleast close enough to being perfect. We don’t get an off from our routine. Always need to deck up to impress your loved one (even though we enjoy doing this) or someone or the other! but we cannot stay without complaining 😛 We live in the fear of being judged by others for what we wear and how we dress up! A little skin shown and you are termed to be slutting it and where there’s absolute no skin shown “OldFashioned” is what we get to hear. Why do we have to live to impress someone else and even if we do why can’t that someone be YOU, Yourself ? There are a few questions which can never be answered and this question of mine remains to be unanswered!

I’m still not over the things my sister shopped from ahmedabad, the tie and dye dhupata is absolutely stunning and I love it completely. Here I’ve gone for ripped jeans done by me 🙂 and my love for jhumkas have reached a complete new level! Have been obsessing over this lipcolor (details mentioned below). Loving my haircut which completely goes with anything that I choose to wear <3 To throw some light on the dhupata I’ve worn a basic white kurthi! take a look at the way I’ve styled it 🙂

P.S – I wanted to upload all the pictures but didn’t want to spam you guys 😛 So had to choose a few pictures and I must say it was so hard 🙁 Thank you once again Abhijith BA for these wonderful pictures 🙂

me (1 of 1)-5

me (1 of 1)-26

me (1 of 1)-30

me (1 of 1)-31

me (1 of 1)-21

me (1 of 1)-38

me (1 of 1)-34

me (1 of 1)-42

Dhupata and Jhumkas- Ahmedabad
Kolhapuri- Commercial street
Ripped denims- By me
Kurthi- Lifestyle
Lipcolor- Coloressence (matte stick) (HP-6 Seduction)

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